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On January 29th, 2012 our congregation voted "yes" on whether to adopt the Open & Affirming Resolution (shown below). We are now officially the 994th church to be "Open & Affirming" within the UCC denomination!

The Church of the Red Rocks ONA Team started the Open & Affirming (ONA) Process in October 2010 and is to be congratulated on their excellent and thorough 15-month process that educated, informed and entertained both the congregation and members of the public.

The Church of the Red Rocks ONA Team Roster:
Susan Hughes, Chair
Susie Anderson
Marlene Auburn
Jessica Krawczykowski
Carol McDougald
Mariam Stein
Bruce Vegter
Bob Wheaton
Joan Scott

The Church of the Red Rocks Open and Affirming Resolution adopted January 29th, 2012

"Still Speaking God, we, the community of The Church of the Red Rocks, seek to be a body of Christians who celebrate and live in openness to your voice. Therefore, we covenant with you and one another as we seek to live Christ’s compassion, promote justice, healing and wholeness of life.

As Children of God, we celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of each expression of God’s diverse family as well as our oneness in Christ, and believe that attitudes and acts of injustice, discrimination and violence work against the gospel of Jesus Christ. As such, we welcome into our community persons of every gender, age, race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, mental and physical ability, economic and social status, political background, faith background, marital standing and family structure. We invite all to share fully in the life, leadership, ministry, fellowship, worship, sacraments, responsibilities, blessings and joys of our congregation as we seek to grow together in faith and love."

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Church of the Red Rocks, Sedona, AZ
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Today is

- In October 2013, our church was on the PBS show "To The Contrary" in a segment that examined "The UCC Welcoming Movement." Click here to watch the video of this show!

- We're now part of the UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns; Click here to learn more about the various programs, events & resources available on their dedicated website, as well as access to their national "Find A Church" resource page.

- During the ONA process, on most 4th Fridays of the month, the ONA Team presented an informative, usually award-winning and entertaining film at the church; a highlight of the "4th Friday at 4" series was the first film presented, "For The Bible Tells Me So."  Click here for film trailers, more information and to order a DVD.

- A listing of this past year's ONA programs and events is available by clicking here; this information was also covered in the ONA Mailer that went out to all congregation members.

- Click here for "The Blue Book - What We Wish We Had Known," a book about breaking the silence and moving toward understanding.