The Financial Secretary position is an unpaid, volunteer position. The Financial Secretary is responsible for recording all revenue received by the church from congregation members and non-members (in a confidential manner) and vendors. The Financial Secretary works closely with the accountant, the Treasurer, and clerical staff in the office to properly record all revenue and then to credit each giver’s account with the donations that have been made.

The Financial Secretary is assisted by the Teller on Monday mornings to sort and tabulate all donations received during each of the Sunday worship services. Between Sunday morning and Monday morning, the donations are kept in sealed envelopes and placed in a safe in the locked office that is shared by the Treasurer, Organist, Librarian, and Financial Secretary. Deposits into the Church’s checking accounts are then made before the end of the day on Monday.

Tips on writing checks for your donations:

  1. Make the check payable to “Church of the Red Rocks”, unless otherwise instructed in the bulletin for special causes or activities. For example, if you are donating to Verde Valley Caregivers during the annual request for support, make your check payable to Church of the Red Rocks, rather than Verde Valley Caregivers, and write “Verde Valley Caregivers” in the memo field in the lower left-hand corner of the check.
  1. Write your CRR envelope number in the memo field as well. This saves the teller time during the processing of contributions.
  1. Write as legibly as possible. A good format to use is:
  1. On the “Pay to the order of” line, where the dollar amount is spelled out:

Fifty and no/100   dollars

  1. In the blank provided for writing the amount in numeric characters, avoid extraneous vertical lines; e.g. $ __$50 00 __
  1. Make sure all zeroes are completely closed, or else the scanner at the bank may interpret them as a six or something else.
  1. Please write separate checks if you are making contributions to the Building Fund (including contributions to the Vision 2020 Capital Campaign) and also to any other purpose (e.g. your pledge payment, payment for Pick-a-Parties, donations to disaster relief, etc.) on the same day. Contributions to the Building Fund (including Vision 2020) are deposited in one checking account (Building Fund), whereas all other revenue is deposited in a second checking account (Operating Fund). Checks that are written for donations that need to be deposited into both checking accounts cannot be easily split up and cause the Finance Office extra work and take much more time to process.