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Stewardship Commission

Financially, our members and regular attendees do well at meeting short term goals such as the Our Church's Wider Mission and capital fund raising. Members responses to these items outside of regular pledging is very important.

However, with almost 600 members (about 360 members pledge.) we could do much better at meeting the amount of our operational budget.

Notwithstanding the very large regular contributions of a few members the rest of us need to increase our pledge amounts. While the Bible encourages a tithe of ten percent our church would operate very nicely with half that average pledge. Actually, our average pledge of $2150 per annum is about two percent of estimated household income.

While the planned budget for 2016 is yet to be determined, you can expect we will be encouraging you to slightly increase your giving for that year. It would be comfortable to never have to ask for an increase, but I don't know of any churches that have that luxury.

After all,I do not know of any place in the scriptures that refers to followers of Jesus being comfortable. There are just too many needs in the world that Christians must try to meet.

Thank you all for your ongoing support. Our commission is operating with one vacant position so please offer to join us if you have some stewardship experience or ideas.