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Long Range Planning Commission

  • The research and formal documentation of facility requirements in concert with justified programs.
  • Research and support for new program requirements.
  • Preparation and annual updates of the long range plans and goals for the church and at five year intervals the redevelopment of plans and goals for the church with the involvement and approval of same by the Council and the congregation.

In January, the LRPC completed our Vision 2020 five year plan for the church which was approved by the Council.  The full text of the plan is available on the website and hard copies of a condensed summary is available in the church office.  The plan highlights four priorities:

  • Grow our membership
  • Ensure adequate financial resources
  • Support and strengthen music programs
  • Manage effectively through leadership transition

A five year financial projection was included which underscored the importance of unburdening the CRR from mortgage debt. This projection became one of the important factors in securing support for the Vision 2020 Capital Campaign which was overwhelmingly approved at a meeting of the congregation on March 15. Looking ahead to the balance of the year we will update Vision 2020 to include a comprehensive look at mission and outreach activities at CRR. Additionally we will update our financial projections, our facilities plans and report further on the leadership transition.

Our Commission presently includes the following members both appointed and ad hoc:.Chuck Gunderson, Marlene Auburn, Hal Driggs, John Heyer, Judith Glenn, AJ Cook, Mason Shambach and Sue Loft.