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Congregational Life Commission


We appreciate all the help and fellowship they provide. There are many, many other programs under the umbrella of Congregational Life; some are social, some offer various services and some are fund raisers for the church. They include Second Sunday Lunch, Parish Nurse, Stephen Ministry, Committee for Social Justice, Friendship Potlucks with interesting programs, Care Notes, Prayer Chain, Dinners for 6-9, Greening of the Church at Christmas, Book Club, Pick-A-Party, Church Retreat, Heavenly Jaunts led by our Assistant Pastor, Donna Cavedon, Tai Chi Chih, Treasure Sale and Photo Directory. Some of these programs are handled by one person and some by committee; some are on-going programs, and others are an annual, biennial or occasional event. All of them serve in some way to offer great quantities of fun and fellowship to our church and our community.