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Administration Commission

Nine members of the congregation are elected to this Commission with staggered three year terms. Our Current 2015 members are Susan Loft and Ruth Kane (co-chairs), Chuck Gunderson (vice chair), Carolyn Monje (secretary), Don Pierson, Dottie Oliver, Bob Lundal, Bob Wheaton, and Hugh Coble . The Moderator or Vice Moderator, Senior Pastor, Assistant Pastor, Chair of the Finance Commission, Administrative Assistant, are ex-officio members.

An Operating Budget is prepared and submitted to the Finance Commission for the upcoming year. Monthly Year to Date budgets are reviewed for any over / under budgeted planned spending.

The main budget items for Administration are:  

  • Salary and employer expenses for all staff and clergy includes Salary, FICA, Workers Comp, pension or 401 contribution (if eligible)
  • Housing allowance, health insurance, Medicare reimbursement, mileage (pastors only)
  • Supplies:  paper, ink cartridges, pens, pencils, binders, envelopes & letterhead stationery, discs ( used by all commissions, committees and church)
  • Stamps & Postage costs (used for all church needs.)
  • Computer costs & Auxiliary equipment (purchase, replacements, upgrades, and service for hardware and software)
  • Copier Expenses-rental cost for equipment and copies (used for all church needs)
  • Payroll expenses (envelopes, auto pay costs)
  • SWC Delegates Expense

Our front office in particular supports the entire church and each commission with copying, printing, mailing, coordinating meetings, preparing the weekly bulletins, monthly newsletters, calendar of events, website maintenance, weekly programs and just a myriad of tasks.   The cost of this support both in womanpower and supplies comes out of the Administration Budget.